Dear Politicians,

I’m sending this email out of sheer frustration and I take no pleasure in sending it. I am a 30 year old Fine Gael voter who always believed this party was a party who rewarded hard work, entrepreneurship, ambition and took care of all in society, young/old, rich/poor etc.

I am an on course bookmaker and part time farmer. My business, like so many others has been shut down due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In March I was fully behind the sacrifices that had to be made for the greater good. I knew it was going to hurt financially but I also knew if we did not act fast we would be the next country to be decimated by this nasty virus. It was very important we took these steps to protect the most vulnerable in society.

We are now in the early days of June and while the whole of Europe has reopened, we in Ireland are still crawling. The damage that is being done with every week that passes to our economy is taking an enormous toll. I am not a big income earner, I am a middle income earner who should be the type of person Leo Varadkar referenced when he said he would ‘support the person who gets up early.’

I can only describe what is happening now as economic genocide. It has got to be stopped before its too late. The FG party acted swiftly and correctly to save lives in March and now they need to act quickly to save our economy and country. Hiding behind NPHET cannot go on any longer. A balance has got to be found. Medics and scientists will always take the cautious approach, they are not incentivised to take a calculated risk. They are not elected representatives yet appear to hold huge power. The curve has been flattened, if a second wave does come back there has been ample time to prepare for extra bed capacity in ICU’S, purchase ventilators and PPE. The testing and tracing should at this stage be running like clock work. There should be no reason to ever return to the dark days of the Covid peak in April.

Society has taken a battering. My wedding like so many others which was due to take place in April was postponed and re scheduled to October. We now cant get any information on how these events are going to be organised in the future. Sports and cultural events have been dramatically affected. Surely as many of these events are outdoors 3000 people could go to a GAA match or 5000 people could attend the Galway Races for example?

We have not been all in this together. While many civil servants, tech and IT workers etc have breezed through this pandemic relatively unaffected many SME’s, family business’ and self employed people have suffered greatly and will continue to for many years to come. Grants, schemes and loans are not the answer, getting back to work immediately is. Front line workers have done trojan work and have been called hero’s, there is no denying that they have done marvellous work as our doctors and nurses always do but in time to come the small business owners and their staff will be the people who really are the hero’s as they are the heart beat of Ireland, especially in rural areas. Without our hospitality, entertainment, retail, sports and many other industries the DNA of this country would be so much different.

I like many others was horrified in February when I saw the Sinn Fein vote in the election. I have no time for their left wing policies and I certainly don’t have any time for a party that has an affiliation with a terrorist organisation. I thought FG had done a very good job running the country and economy. A few short month’s later I am now questioning my support for the party. Please stop this madness while you can or else it will take a decade for our economy to recover.

Yours Sincerely,

Brian Keenan Jnr